How to create an AppSite and earn money with it

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Course Pitch:

As an AppSite designer, you will have all the skills of a website designer, plus a competitive advantage on the latest and greatest in no-code and lo-code technology. Your skillset will be tailored to African markets and consumers. Plus you’ll have a great understanding of working and doing business in a post-covid world.


What if you could learn how to design your own AppSites, not only for your own projects but also to sell your services to others and earn a livelihood? Val Lopes—founder of Songai and inventor of AppSites— shows you how to do exactly that. You will create your first AppSite, build your online presence to not only represents you on the internet, but also serve as a professional marketing tool and promote your work. The best part is you will learn all this without writing a single line of code.

You will get a introduction to Songai, learn about our AppSites technology, explore the advantages of our ecosystem and get a full overview of the platform’s features as well as how to use them.

About this course 

After completing the prerequisite course “Songai & AppSites; an introduction to Africa’s homegrown tech”, we will start by laying out the goals we want to attain with our example AppSite, and sketch its structure to visualize the desired layout and design. Then we will delve into the basics of typography and color, in order to understand the importance of harmony and consistency in visual elements.

We will identify and structure our example content in sections and pages. At every step, we will look at how to make sure that our identity and cultures are reflected and not oppressed by our creative flow.

We will also learn about:

  • Selecting the right templates and plugins.
  • Important settings in our AppSite’s admin area.
  • Consumer protection, security, privacy, and compliance with law and regulations of your country.
  • Responsiveness, structure, rows whitespace and content blocks.
  • Consistent styling of headings, titles and text in general.
  • Images, icons, and animations.
  • Loading speed and advanced settings.

Finally we will learn how to keep our AppSites updated, relevant and boost it with fresh content regularly.

The hands on part of this course?

You will follow along as we create an AppSite on Songai without using any code. This AppSite will serve as your professional portfolio as well as a marketing and promotional tool for your work, products or services.

Who is this course for?

This course is for designers, freelancers, entrepreneurs, creators, digital artisans, or anyone who wants to create an online presence that serves as a window front to show their work or services. Anyone who wants to promote their talents and start working on Songai as a freelancer or start a business or startup on our platform is welcome to enroll.

What you need

Previous knowledge is not required, but the following is a prerequisite course:

“Songai & AppSites; an introduction to Africa’s homegrown tech”

No coding will be used to create your website, so no prior coding experience is needed. 

Knowledge in design, marketing, and basic computer skills are welcome and helpful.

You will need a computer and an internet connection.

Lesson 1

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How to create an AppSite and earn money with it